Danielle Nelson was born in Kingston, Jamaica but spent much of her childhood in Spanish Town, a small town outside of Kingston. Danielle grew up in a home full of sports fanatics  and as long as she can remember, she always had a passion for Jamaican sports such as Football (Soccer), Cricket, Netball and more famously Track and Field. At the age of 6, the Jamaican native idolized Jamaican sprint legend, Merlene Ottey. So she decided to try the sport but was never successful at it. At most Track and Field competition in Jamaica, Danielle continually came in last or close to it and decided to look, instead, from the  stands as a fan.

As she got older she fell in love with words and how it weaves itself into stories. When Danielle migrated to the United States at age 11, poetry was of little interest. William Shakespeare, Langston Hughes and E. E. Cummings were just poets she learned about in school but never thought of them or their work anywhere else. It wasn’t until she heard spoken word poetry for the first time she decided to write her first free verse. Since then, she has been writing poetry and performing them at open mic venues.

With her love for writing poetry and watching sports, Danielle decided she wanted to become a sports journalist. She began her undergraduate career at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. While she was there, she learned that sports wasn’t the only thing she can and should cover. Her love for words, stories and poetry can allow her to expand her writing and write  about news, health, political, crime and entertainment stories.

Danielle graduated from Temple University in 2015 and decided to begin to tell different stories on her website, Herculean Stars.


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