Easton bike shop gets 9-year-old with spina bifida new wheels for summer

By Danielle Nelson

*This article is posted on The Express Times website.

bikeJesus Campos, 9, and his mother Margarita Campos, both of Easton, stand outside Genesis Bikes with orthotist Emily Woolston, of Harry J. Lawall and Sons, July 10, 2014 in Easton.
Stephen Flood | For lehighvalleylive.com

When Jimmy Madden saw his young Easton neighbor struggling to ride his bike, he knew he was in a great position to help.

Not only was 9-year-old Jesus Campos’ bicycle too small, it was ill-equipped for a boy with Campos’ condition: spina bifida. Jesus has a growth on his spine that prevents muscles and nerves below it from working, according to his orthotist, Emily Woolston.

As a result, he walks with leg braces and forearm crutches and wobbles on his bicycle.

Madden, an employee at Genesis Bicycles in Easton, talked to his employer and got the shop to donate a larger bike for Jesus.

“I saw this particular model and said, ‘This would be perfect for Jesus,’ because I knew he needed a straight bar going across and he would still be low to the ground, but he needed training wheels for his current situation,” Madden said.

Jesus’ mother pushes him because he doesn’t have enough strength in his legs to start the bike on his own.

Jesus’ orthotist said the family tried to make the smaller bike work, but it was tough.

“His knees were up at the handle bar,” Woolston said. “I thought we could raise the seat but it turned out that that would not work.”

The new bike, which was donated by a customer around November, was broken down and checked to make sure it was put together properly with the correct parts and then rebuilt just in time for the spring season.

As Jesus grows, the bike shop has promised to provide him with new bikes, fix the bikes, provide free parts and keep the tires inflated, Madden said.

“The idea is that everyone needs to have fun,” Madden said.

Now throughout these warm summer days, Jesus can be seen riding on his new bike.

“It feels good,” Jesus said.

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