First meet for women’s rowing

By Danielle Nelson

*This article is posted on The Temple News website.

The women’s rowing team competed for the first time this fall Saturday, securing three victories at the Navy Day Regatta on the Schuylkill River.

The Temple “A” boat, Freshmen 8 boat and the Freshmen 4 boat all crossed the line first in their respective events.

Paired together a few hours before competition, the Freshmen 4 separated themselves from the field, finishing with a time of 16:49. 32, 23 seconds ahead of their six competitors.

“Yesterday was the first time we actually practiced in the 4 and because of the rain and the bad conditions last night, we only got to practice for about 15 minutes,” freshman Ciara O’Sullivan said. “So we kind of just came out here today hoping that we can do our best and to see how it goes but it turned out really well.”

Junior coxswain Lea Millio helped the Temple “A” boat create an eight-second gap between cross-town rival Saint Joseph’s “A” boat, finishing with a time of 15:51.63 in the Women’s Collegiate 4+ Final.

“This year we debuted our Freshman 8 and Freshman 4 of our recruited freshmen, and they won both events,” assistant coach Alyssa O’Donnell said. “So, we are siked about bringing women in our program who are turning over a new leaf and really show what we are looking to do forward with Temple women’s rowing .”

The Temple “B” boat placed fifth and the Temple “C” boat placed eighth.

The Owls edged the Naval Academy by four seconds to win the Women’s Collegiate Novice 8 with 15:05.98 seconds on the clock.

In the Collegiate 8 race, Temple “A” boat took home ninth place with a time of 14:38.08 seconds. The Temple “B” boat finished 13th place out of a field of 20 teams.

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