Longtime bagel vendor moves near Student Center

By Danielle Nelson

*This article is posted on The Temple News website.


The Bagel Shop recently moved closer to the Student Center. | Patrick Clark TTN

The demolition of Barton Hall has forced some businesses to move to different locations on Main Campus. The Bagel Shop, originally located on 13th Street, is one of them.

After 13 years in the same location, current owner Michael Sigal said he was upset when the university informed him of the news in April.

“I was shocked,” Sigal said. “I knew they were going to build a library there. I had a feeling it was going to happen, but I didn’t like it in the beginning.”

Senior Vice President of Construction, Facilities and Operations Jim Creedon said plans for the new library have been in the works since 2012, and university officials considered building it on different parts of Main Campus, like Broad Street next to Pearson and McGonigle halls. The department decided, however, it was best to put it on the main core of campus.

“Barton Hall was no longer needed because of the [Science Education and Research Center],” Creedon said.

Unlike the food trucks, which are situated on the streets in and around campus, the Bagel Shop—among other businesses on campus—was given two options: it could either terminate its lease, or move to another location, Creedon said.

Sigal chose the latter. The Bagel Shop is now located on Montgomery Avenue, about a block away from Bagel Hut, a similar stand near Ritter Hall. Sigal said it was difficult initially because he had to demolish his shop.

“I was out of business for two months,” Sigal said. “It took me two months to construct everything and wait for them to approve everything.”

While he had to build the shop himself, Sigal said the university also contributed with the electricity among other things, including the color—blue.

“I thought it was going to be red,” Sigal said. “There were a whole list of colors and that’s the color they picked. I don’t know why, but that’s the color they picked.”

Sigal said he likes the new location because it draws new customers, but he added he made twice the amount of money at the 13th Street location than he is currently making on Montgomery Avenue.

Sigal said his busiest time is the morning and popular breakfast items are bagel, egg, bacon and cheese sandwiches.

Although junior biology major Abee Tabolo said she recently started getting bagels at the Bagel Shop, the one thing that keeps bringing her back is how fresh and good the bagels taste.

“I like the amount of cream cheese he puts on the bagel,” Tabolo said. “Some people put too much and others put too little.”

Even though Bagel Hut also moved its location, junior media studies and production major Kaitlin Osborn said she likes Bagel Hut because it is cheap, and she can use Diamond Dollars.

While the new library is in the works, which Creedon said is estimated to be finished in 2018, Sigal said he wants to move back to his original location for economic reasons. Business, however, still has the chance to improve.

“It is picking up everyday,” Sigal said.

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